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Studio updates.

And the fog rolled in...

Living here on the coast our weather can be quite different than what it is just a few miles further inland. Here recently our mornings have been filled with grey clouds and fog that eventually gives way to a beautiful sunny sky only to have the fog starting rolling back in by late afternoon. 

F/V Robin heading back to Westport, WA as the afternoon fog begins to overtake Grays Harbor, WA

Admittedly I have been in somewhat of a photography slump this summer as my "Day Job" has been keeping from getting out at the time and places I really want to be taking pictures. Most of my time off it has been really grey, raining or so much smoke in the sky it's hard to breathe. All are excuses I know but sometimes it's hard to get over the hump and just easier to sit on the back porch with a cup of coffee and watch the fog roll through the trees. 

Bulk carrier Geiyo K sailing into a fog bank.

Earlier this week I finally said the heck with it I'm grabbing the camera and going out. I don't care if the images come out good, bad or otherwise I'm going shooting. What started out as sunny skies quickly turned into a rather thick layer of fog but I kept going as it felt good to just be out with the camera again. At the end of the day I'm rather happy with the results as I quite like the muted colors that the fog brought in. The rest of my images from that day can be found below and all can be enlarged by clicking on them.