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7Artisans 25mm F1.8 First Impressions

A couple of weeks ago while surfing around on Amazon I came across the 7Artisans 25mm F1.8 lens. The first thing I noticed was the $69.99 price tag. I vaguely remembered seeing some reviews of 7Artisans lenses so back to Google I went. Pretty much all the reviews I read had the same things to say and none of them really dissuaded me from wanting to buy the lens so I took the plunge. I had been looking for something to spice up my use of my Canon EOS M. What better way to accomplish that than to put a quirky lens on a slow and finnicky camera. 


The lens arrived in a really well padded box that also included a cleaning cloth and drawstring carry pouch. Heck my expensive Canon lenses didn't come this well packaged. Taking the lens out of the box the first thing you notice is the weight along with the nicely made metal body and it certainly didn't feel like a cheaply made lens. The mount to the camera was nice and snug and both the focus and aperture rings moved smoothly. 

Lens Stats 

Focal Length : 25mm 

Aperture Blades : 12 circular blades

Elements : 7 in 6 groups

Coatings : Multi

Focus : Manual 

Westport, WA

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Westport, WA

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So if you read the reviews online the biggest knock on the lens seems to be that the edges lack sharpness and that the corners vignette. Who cares you just paid $70.00 for a Chinese made lens so learn to embrace the quirks and stop whining. To me I rather enjoy the retro feel of darkened corners and out of focus bits around a really sharp center. I also found the color rendition and contrast to be quite pleasing as well. When opened all the way up the lens also provides some very nice bokeh. 

So far I've been able to take the lens out for a couple of test runs. The first was down to the docks here in Westport and the second was a roadtrip through Oregon to Boise, ID. Those images are posted above and below. I'm also planning to shoot a series of Black & White images soon as well. Nothing about this lens has disappointed me and in fact I'm seriously considering getting the 55mm version to do some portraits with. 

Boise, ID Basque block

Basque and American Flags flying in Boise, ID

Downtown Boise, ID

Columbia River Gorge view from the Vista House