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Rough Seas

Here is a look back at our big Winter Storm

It's been quite the stormy last couple of days here on the harbor. Last night we experienced a round of Thunder and quite a bit of Lightening which from the short time I've lived here has been pretty unusual. Today's (1/18/18) weather forecast called for coastal flooding due to a combination of high tide and storm surge and mother nature certainly didn't disappoint. 

Westhaven Beach - Shot on Iphone 8+

Westport, WA - Shot on Iphone 8+

Waves in the 25ft to 30ft range were rolling into the Westport area with much larger waves up to 60ft being recorded by offshore buoys. While fun to watch these are some dangerous conditions and with waves running up the beach and some pretty noticeable erosion in some areas I was able to check out on the beach. Also with these waves crashing over the breakwall, it caused some flooding in Westport with water running down the road as you can see in the photo below.

Road Closure due to flooding in Westport, WA - Shot on iPhone 8+

While I wasn't able to stay around till actual high tide the waves offshore at Westhaven Beach along with the surge coming into Grays Harbor were pretty impressive. While I have seen waves run all the way up the beach in the past the thing that did surprise me was at Westhaven as you head up from the parking lot towards the jetty there is or should I say was large flat area once you reached the top. That area has taken a real hit erosion wise this winter and this storm has taken its toll for sure but what struck me was the fact that there was beach debris actually up on top of that area which I had never seen before which means those waves overnight had to have been really impressive.

Erosion, debris and Coast Guard personal keeping an eye on the bar