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Studio updates.

Into The Woods

With a lull in our first major storm of the season I headed over to Twin Harbors State Park with the intention of doing some beachcombing but the waves were still running too far up the beach to be safe so I poked around where I could but came up empty. The sun that had been peeking out of the clouds disappeared and another band of rain quickly moved in so I headed up over the dunes and into the woods for some cover. Looking back that decision was probably not the smartest thing to do in a windstorm with 25-35mph sustained winds and gusts reaching much higher.

As always I had my camera with me and the mossy tangled trees in the park always look amazing in the soft overcast light. Being tucked back behind the dunes gave me plenty of cover from the wind although you could certainly see the trees swaying back and forth. Overall I'm pretty happy with the results considering the weather conditions.