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The Best Camera is.....

So I've long been told the best camera is the one you have with you. Now for most people that is their cell phone but I for one am not a fan of cellphonography. Never have been never will be. For the last two maybe three years I have been on this quest for the perfect daily carry camera. My current day job takes me all over western Washington and sometimes down to the Astoria, OR area so I get to see alot of very pretty places and neat old towns and buildings. At times I am just passing through and have to take mental notes of what I see in order to go back later but I do have days where I am able to stop or wander around while on my breaks. 

Totem Pole in South Bend, WA


Now when I first began this search I was torn between just getting a small point and shoot digital or going with more of a hybrid type camera. This lead to me owning a Kodak M532Canon G7 and lastly a Fuji HS20. I still have them all but only really use the Fuji on a semi-regular basis, the Kodak just sits on a shelf waiting for my daughters to be old enough to play with it and the Canon is up on the sale block currently. Now out of the first wave of cameras, I found faults and reasons not to carry them so I didn't. Looking back at it most of the reasons were pretty dumb and I know I missed quite a few shoots because of it.


The argument was still playing out in my head up until just a few months ago really. That's when it finally just sunk in that it really doesn't matter what camera I have whether it's digital or film, point and shoot or SLR. What matters is that I get the shot. I have enough confidence in my skills that as long as the camera works I am pretty sure I can get the shot that I have pictured in my mind. Now sometimes I do blow it but at least I had a camera with me to attempt it. I also recently picked up this great canvas bag that lets me pack about any camera I want and still remain low key when I am out and about.


Currently I am carrying around my old Canon XSI. After I had upgraded bodies it has been living it's life in the closet being neglected by my wife (I had given it to her to use). It's 12.2MP which while isn't not mind blowing it will still give me a good 8x10 saleable print should I get something good. My bag does also give me the ability to toss in a small film camera as well should I feel the need to take one along. Below I am sharing my first few images taken while out on my travels in the last week. I also have several rolls of film waiting to be developed as well. So I have come to realize that the best camera is the one you have with you.