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Santa by the Sea

Each year in our little town here on the coast Santa comes to greet the kids and take down their wishes just like he does all across the country however how he gets to town is certainly unique. It's not by a sleigh pulled through the sky by magical reindeer but by the horsepower of a 47-foot motor lifesaving boat guided by the Coast Guard. Really what else would you expect from a fishing town.

This year I was lucky enough to secure an invite to come down to the Coast Guard station and ride over with Santa while taking some photos of the Coast Guard crew and their families and of course Santa's arrival to a waiting crowd of kids gathered along the docks.

The weather while chilly actually cooperated for once. The day before had been nothing but a downpour of rain but on this morning is a nice break of sun and clouds but dry which was a very welcome sight especially since at the moment I don't have any sort of waterproof cover for my camera something I do need to fix since I live on the rainy Pacific Northwest coast. 

Santa and Mrs. Claus