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Studio updates.

JPCH Street Pan 400

So back in October I along with a number of other folks were given the opportunity to try out a roll of brand new film that was just hitting the market. It's the brainchild of the man behind After getting an empty envelope the first time (looked like it had been broken in to) my second roll arrived the first week of November. Around this same time I had acquired a Yashica T4 via lucky find at an Olympia, WA thrift store. A great little street camera along with some fresh film made it a match made in heaven. 

I'm lucky enough to have a job that allows me quite a bit of time traveling around western Washington and occasionally down to Oregon and as luck would have it shortly after getting my film/camera combo work was taking me to Seattle where I would have several hours of free time to wander the streets. What better way to put both through their paces as well as give me some much needed after Thanksgiving exercise. As a little side note, I did walk around 8 miles that day and believe me my legs and calves were not happy about it. Since I rarely have this much time to kill when in Seattle I decided to walk down to Pike Place market and take in the holiday sights. Snapping photos along the way I loved how fast the Yashica T4 was from turn on time to actually firing the shutter. It's also very small and light weight so dropping in a jacket pocket and walking around all day with it were absolutely no problem at all. The only little niggle I have with the camera is that the flash always defaults to the auto on mode no matter what you do and I tend to prefer using natural light unless shooting a portrait or backlight scene so always turning it off can be a pain. 

My wife holding my $8 thrift store Yashica T4

It was a fun day walking around and seeing the sights as if I were just a tourist. After getting back home it did take me a couple weeks to get my film off for developing to the best lab out there I received the film back on 12/27/2016 and couldn't wait to hop on the computer and get to scanning. Unrolling the negatives the first thing I noticed were a few of them were pretty thin (Uh Oh, underexposed user error). Remember me telling you about that auto on flash? Yeah, I should have just let the camera do it's thing as the no flash natural light images in Pike Place market were badly underexposed. Not the film's fault but totally the thought he knew better photographers. Lesson learned and lucky for me I am getting a 2nd roll to try out which I will be doing during crab fishing season here in Westport so I'll be more in my element. 

Ok on to the results that I did get. I'll admit that I don't shoot black and white hardly at all and what experience I do have with black and white film is primary with Ilford. I have to say though I was super happy with the results and to me they have this kind of gritty old school look which I love. There are nice dark blacks and good looking grey tones. Honestly, I love to give you some technical write about the film specs but I don't care about any of that and all I can say is that I was very happy with the results the film gave me and I would have no problem using and recommending this film to anyone wanting to shoot black and white images.

Check out the results below and leave me a comment letting me know what you think of the film. Click on each image will bring up a larger version.