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Christmas Eve Sights

Merry Christmas to everyone reading this I hope you all had or are having a great day with your family and friends. Last night as my wife and I made the rounds to a couple of our friend's homes of course I had a camera with me and my wife put up with the fact that I wanted to take some photos of Christmas lights. The good thing about living in a small town on Christmas Eve there aren't alot of people out and about so it makes it pretty easy to get out and shoot without having to worry about any other folks being in the way. Prior to going out, I had charged up the batteries for my Canon T3i but that didn't make much of difference as the cold weather cut my shooting time short as my batteries were draining fast. Luckily I hit all the spots I really wanted to and I'll be honest the Christmas lights in and around town weren't all that many or I just don't know where to go to look which is quite possible. Enjoy the photos and again enjoy your holiday where ever you may be.