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Studio updates.

It's Always Sunny in Westport

Welcome to mid-November everyone. We have had quite the run of warm weather and gorgeous sunsets around here lately. Hopefully we can squeeze in a few more good days before the winter rain and gloom sets in. However I must confess I love bad weather and am really looking forward to a few good winter storms. I have even upgraded a few of my video components in anticipation of storm season but more on that when it actually happens.

Westhaven Beach - Canon EOS M w/ 7Artisans 25mm 1.8

Sunday evening I was able to head out to the beach and capture another nice sunset. With the mild weather there were plenty of surfers still out hitting the waves which is always a bonus in my book. Also there were a couple flicks of small shore birds feeding and enjoying their night. Not being a birder I have no idea what they are but if someone does and wants to leave a comment below it’d be much appreciated.  Now on to the images and as always you can enlarge them by clicking anywhere on the photo.