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Studio updates.

A month with my Sony RX100

Hey everyone sorry it’s been so long since the last post but I have been busy taking pictures. A little over a month ago I picked up a Sony RX100 have been putting it through it’s paces. I haven’t had a decent pocket camera for quite a few years because honestly I couldn’t afford the ones I really wanted and the ones I could afford just didn’t have the quality I was looking for. However recently I came to realize how many images I was missing out on by simply not have a camera with me on a day to day basis so that lead me to looking around to see what was out there in my price range. This lead me back to a camera I drooled over when it originally came out in 2012, back then it had a price tag around $1000 now you can pick one up new for $350 or so.


They are currently on the 6th generation of this camera but the original is still well worth for consideration especially for the price. I’m not going to go in depth with all the tech specs in this post, if you want that sort of thing there are hundreds of articles and videos out there that cover all of that. What matters to me is that for it’s size the camera has a 1 inch sensor that has produced images that rival what I get from my DSLR and that’s what matters most to me. After a month of use my only real compliant was how slick the body is and I always felt like it was going to fly out of my hand at some point. With this in mind I found the Sony AGR2 grip that attaches to the front of the camera giving you a little hand hold and it’s made a world of difference to me.

Below you can find some of the best images from the last month. It’s been a real joy to have this camera with me and I look forward to experimenting with it even more. All of the images can be enlarged just by clicking on them

Westport, WA and the Beach

F/V Michael Lisa tied up in the Westport, WA marina.

Astoria and North Head Lighthouse

Young’s River, OR as seen from the Astoria Column.

Astoria Column

Bowpicker Fish & Chips in Astoria, OR

North Head Lighthouse, WA

Aberdeen, WA

Tumwater Historical Park

Old Olympia Brewery