Hello, everyone, can you believe the weather we had this past October. Lots of sunny and warm days to be able to get out and enjoy the coast. I'm sure our days are numbered in the nice weather department so I took advantage of it as much as possible to get out and shoot some images. 

There were so many great sunsets this month I lost count. We also had clam tides which I finally was able to get out and shot some images of after missing almost all of them last year. And finally, we end the month with a few Halloween images from the Trick or Treating scene off Broadway Ave in Aberdeen, WA. 

If you want to see any of the photos larger all you have to do is click on it and if it's something you really love you can purchase any of these images by clicking the "Buy Photo" button after you have enlarged the photo. I hope you all enjoy this month's photo review.

A quiet evening in Aberdeen, WA

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