The Golden Half - Lost River Photos

Anyone else have one of these little guys. Nothing more than a toy camera really, made by Superheadz and right in line with the Holga craze which includes the ridiculous price. I stumbled across mine at Urban Outfitters in Boise when I was walking around on my lunch break. Not really sure what possessed me to plunk down $35 for it but I did. It's all plastic except for some metal on the hot shoe and it has a teenie tiny view finder but here's the deal. I had a blast shooting with it. This is the camera that really got me into shooting half frame images and led to the purchase of a Olympus Pen EE and my currently never ending search for a Yashica Samurai (I Found One). Now here comes the really sad part and that's this the camera lasted a whole 2 rolls before the film advance broke. I can't bring myself to buy another one but I am thankful that I had it long enough to introduce me to the joy of half frame photography.

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