Storm Warning - Lost River Photos

Yesterday marked the arrival of our first winter wind storm of the season. It brought with it sustained winds of 25-35mph and gusts that reached up to 60mph. This combined with lots of rain and a two-hour power outage made for an interesting afternoon. What I was most interested in were the ocean waves that were building to 25ft and hoping to document some of that took me to Westhaven State Park and the south jetty of Grays Harbor, WA.

If you've never been there before there is a flat leveled off area just up from the parking lot that leads to the jetty as well as giving a nice overview of the ocean. I had to fight my way up there through the wind that was determined to knock me over and once there it was hard to even stand in one place without being pushed around. This particular area is also normally covered with little pieces of gravel and let me tell you those little suckers don't feel really well when being hurled at you in 40mph winds. I wasn't able to stay up there that long and I feel pretty lucky to have gotten what few images that I did get.

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