Storm Light - Lost River Photos

Having most of yesterday free I packed up my still and video camera yesterday afternoon with the intent of shooting some time-lapse video in a couple different areas of Westport highlighting the stormy clouds that were rolling through. After arriving at my first location and spending a good 15-20 minutes fiddling around with the video camera I scrapped it and went back to what I know best, still photography. Although one day I hope to master or at the very least produce some competent video work. 

So with location number one a bust I headed over to Half Moon Bay to catch some of the rather large waves that were rolling in. With the bright sun and mist coming off the crashing waves I was able to catch some rainbow colors which was a very nice suprise. 

The Nordmosel at anchor waiting to head down to Aberdeen, WA

The skies rapidly clouded up and I headed home for a few hours to wait it out with the intention of heading back out an hour or so before sunset. Now from our house, it's kinda hard to really judge what the skies look like especially on the horizon so when I left last night I thought I was taking a gamble as all I could see about the house were grey skies. Well lucky for me that gamble paid off with a great looking storm and some ever better lighting conditions. I set up shop at Point Chehalis and enjoyed the show. Also if you'll notice in the first image below there is actually a gentleman fishing, the scene makes him look so tiny. As a sidenote, he did actually walk away with a pretty good looking fish.

Jamie Marie entering Grays Harbor

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