So many strikes, the Fuji HS20 is out. - Lost River Photos

Have you ever had a camera that you really wanted to love or at the very least like but just couldn't do it. I find myself in that very position with my Fuji HS20. I purchased it a couple years ago from KEH as I was looking for that perfect pack it with me every day camera. I wanted something that had SLR like qualities but without the weight and size. I read some reviews and looked at plenty of sample images and it was all looking golden for this camera. Now I know bridge cameras don't have the same range of F-stops and shutter speeds as a true SLR does but I figured I could work with those limitations. I have tried believe me, I have tried. I've given this camera chance after chance to win me over and the only thing it really does is consistently let me down. 

Let me just run down a few of my gripes. First and foremost are fuzzy unsharp images. Doesn't matter if it's on a tripod, hand held or simple just resting on something there is a good chance that your picture will be soft. I have played with different f-stops, making sure it's a high enough shutter speed and even upping the ISO despite the noise and nothing seems to help. The only option it leaves me is shooting a bunch of images hoping at least a couple will be sharp enough to use. Shooting multiple images might not be so bad it the camera had a true option to do so. You can only do multi-image shots with the following options; either it keeps the 1st three images or the last three images, ugh. The other options let you fire off a ton of images and the camera decides to keep the "best" image. Neither of those "options" works for me. The camera also is not a big fan of low light situations which is ok as it's not really what I use it for but you would think that in decent sunlight it would be fine, nope your wrong as it blows out highlights like they are going out of style. Changing what you meter only shifts the problem to a new area or simple just over/under exposes the image beyond the point of me wanting to fix it or try to fix in Lightroom. 

So it's all come down to this, I'm no longer going to continue giving this camera a chance. For now it will find a home on one of my camera shelves until my girls are old enough to start playing around with photography and I can give them a camera to learn on and if something happens to it, oh well. 

Below are the images I was able to take the other day. These are the only ones that weren't fuzzy, blown out. Keep in mind I was out for two hours and probably took anywhere from 40-50 images with this camera. Sorry I didn't count for sure before I deleted them as I was somewhat disappointed/pissed off with the results. On the plus side though the Kodak Motormatic I was out testing worked great and I can't wait to develop the roll.

Beach dunes at Twin Harbors State Park

Fisherman's wharf at low tide in Westport, WA

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