September Review Part 2 - Lost River Photos

September is over and fall is officially here; summer just flew by this year it seems. The month of September gave me quite a few opportunities to get out and shoot which resulted in a little of 2,000 files being created. From the Cleanwater Classic to a pretty epic offshore storm and sunset it's been a fun month which can be found in my "Storm Light" post.

Now as some of you may know I still shoot film as well as digital, however, most of my favorite films have long since been discontinued or are no longer easy for me to get. This has lead me to look into alternative ways to get those same looks but with my digital files. With that goal in mind, I purchased a couple of Lightroom plug-ins from VSCO, the Modern Films pack which has been great for portrait work and my personal favorite the Slide Film pack which brings back my favorite chrome film looks. No matter how they are created I hope you guys are enjoying the photos. 

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