September Review Part - 1 - Lost River Photos

Welcome to part one of my look back at September. What a busy month it was and that's why I have decided to break up this review into two sections. Today I'm going to share with you some images taken during what I am calling my "Summer of Surf" project. Prior to this year, I've never really had a super telephoto lens but now that I do I've been taking full advantage of it out at the beach. Most recently I spent two days out at Westhaven beach covering the Cleanwater Classic surf competition. You can find those images HERE.

If you are reading this from somewhere outside the state of Washington and thinking to yourself "They surf in Washington?". The answer to that is Yes they most certainly do. What little I knew of Westport prior to moving here was that it was a fishing town, which it is. However, surfing plays a large role in this community. If like myself you have no idea how to surf guess what? The guys at BigFoot Surf School have got you covered. If you do know how to surf and just need some new gear or want to rent some while your in town have no fear The Surf Shop or Steepwater Surf Shop can get you outfitted. Who knows maybe one day I'll be taking your picture out there on the waves.

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