Santa by the Sea - Lost River Photos

Each year in our little town here on the coast Santa comes to greet the kids and take down their wishes just like he does all across the country however how he gets to town is certainly unique. It's not by a sleigh pulled through the sky by magical reindeer but by the horsepower of a 47-foot motor lifesaving boat guided by the Coast Guard. Really what else would you expect from a fishing town.

This year I was lucky enough to secure an invite to come down to the Coast Guard station and ride over with Santa while taking some photos of the Coast Guard crew and their families and of course Santa's arrival to a waiting crowd of kids gathered along the docks.

The weather while chilly actually cooperated for once. The day before had been nothing but a downpour of rain but on this morning is a nice break of sun and clouds but dry which was a very welcome sight especially since at the moment I don't have any sort of waterproof cover for my camera something I do need to fix since I live on the rainy Pacific Northwest coast. 

With everyone gathering at the Coast Guard station there was time to take some family and group photos with Santa before suiting up and heading down to the boat. One of the highlights for me was being allowed to borrow a Coast Guard jacket to wear on the trip over. I know it was all about safety but the jacket was way cooler than an actual life vest. 

With the boat fired up and running and everyone loaded on board the sun began to peak out from the clouds and we shoved off from the Coast Guard dock. From the station to Santa's arrival point is a pretty short trip but we took it slow and for me, it was pretty cool to see the marina from the water instead of my usual view of walking the docks. Rounding the final float and heading into our destination I have to say I was really surprised by the amount of people waiting for Santa. Now my sample size for this event is only two years and last year it was pouring rain heck I didn't even get my daughter out last year because it was so bad so I'm guessing this is more of the normal turn out. 

After his arrival, Santa spent some time greeting and talking to all the kids while waiting for his ride down to the Maritime Museum where he and Mrs. Claus would listen to the kids Christmas wishes and pose for photos. After about 30 minutes the local Fire Department arrived to give Santa a lift down the street. 

Santa's arrival at the museum was greeted with joy by the kids already waiting in line to see him. The rain was making a comeback so he quickly hurried inside and took his seat in the lens room and prepared his naughty and nice list to talk with all the kids. Despite the slight downturn in weather, everyone had a great time.

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