Reynolds Creek, ID - The Remains - Lost River Photos

Today I thought I would share some images from my time spent living in Idaho; 15 years to be exact. Over that time I spent a lot of time on dirt roads out in the desert and up in the mountains. This set of images was taken during an evening road trip about an hour from our home in Kuna but it felt like a million miles away. I had come across a discussion of Reynolds on a ghost town site while I was looking into another possible photo location and with it being so close to home I figured why not go check it out. 

Once you head south out of Kuna there is a whole lot of nothing out there, mostly desert scrub brush until you hit the Oywhee Mountains and even then there isn't much. And the other thing is that it's HOT so make sure you bring water with you which goes for just about any adventure in Idaho.

The road out to Reynolds Creek, ID

As you can see by the road out it's a pretty desolate place even today, now just imagine yourself travelling the area back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The earliest known settlers to the area were Thomas Carson, Joseph Babbington and James Bernard who arrived in the spring of 1864. The population in the valley grew to over 200 at one point. As you can imagine the main industries were agriculture in nature with hay, grain and even fruit being the chief productions with considerable attention also given to raising livestock as well. Only being 16 miles from the mining town of Silver City the town was a ready market for those travelling to and from the mines. 

The town was primarily known for the J.M Bunzell hotel and Share's stage-house. The latter was a fairly well-known stop for the California, Oregon and Idaho Stage Company. Today all that remains in the area is the old school house and small house out back which I am assuming would have belonged to the school teacher. Right across the road is the Reynolds Creek Cemetery where you can find a lot of the early settlers of the area. 

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