Photo Trek 10/29/16 - Lost River Photos

All week the weather forecast for Saturday was not looking good at all with clouds and rain predicted for the whole day. So when I woke up to see the sun peeking through the clouds it was a very pleasant surprise, not to say that it didn't rain on our adventure but it was mainly just a light rain and followed by breaks in the clouds letting the sun shine through. We left the house and headed south down through Grayland, WA and the cranberry bogs most of which have already been harvested but work was still ongoing with a few of them. They colors were still there though and really popped in the soft light.

on the road to Tokeland, WA

Continuing south on WA 105 through Tokeland, WA the sun continued to find it's way through the clouds as headed for the North River Rd. Driving on WA 105 quite a bit I had always noticed the roof tops of some old possible abandoned buildings sitting along the river maybe a half mile or so down the river. Getting off of WA 105 and heading down a pretty rough unpaved road we went in search of those buildings, sadly we never found them. I believe I know where there are but the road that lead that way was clearly marked as Private Property and No Trespassing and I'll be honest I'm not about to push my luck with that in the back woods of Washington. Not deterred however we continued up the road a bit till we hit yet another locked gate which seem to be the bane of back roads in Washington. The small fork in the road where we were able to turn around did at least let us get out and take a short hike down the other blocked off road that was there. Peaceful and quiet with just the sound of the wind and rain water dripping off the trees were the noises you could hear which is just fine by me. In total time we spent maybe 45 minutes or so exploring before heading back to the main road. 

Our photo trek ended back home in Westport, WA at the marina. It occurred to me during the drive that have very few if any decent photos of the sea lions that congregate on the docks. With the weather and light being nice I figured it was as good a time as any to go see what they were up to. Sleeping and lounging in the sun were the order of the day so pretty typical sea lion things were going on. All in all it was a great day out with the family and some good images came from the adventure.

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