Pentax 105WR - Lost River Photos

Today's camera is the Pentax 105WR. First released May 3rd 2000  with it's main selling point being that it boasts a Class 5 weather resistance rating. I can actually remember selling this camera when it was new back in my camera salesperson days. Living in Idaho it was quite popular with the hunters and rafters as it could take a beating and will even float if dropped in the water. It's a bit on the chunky side so it's certainly not going to fit in a shirt pocket but you can toss it in a backpack or day bag without having to worry about it. 

The one I picked up was under $5 at a local thrift store which is a far cry from the $299 price tag I used to sell them for. I originally picked it up for the weather resistance since I live here in Washington right on the coast so not only do we get alot of rain but I also deal with the beach and ocean spray quite a bit as well. Now I'll be honest once I cleaned up the camera it's been sitting on my display shelf for quite awhile now just waiting for the day it would be needed.  

That day finally arrived this week and actually it was a couple of days/evenings. A few of the local beaches opened up for Razor Clam digs and never having gone before I wanted to take a camera along to document things. Washington weather did not disappoint as on day 1 it poured rain and day 2 it misted but with a 20-30mph wind blowing sand everywhere. Perfect weather for this camera honestly. I had some Kodak Tri-X 400 loaded up and just let the camera do it's thing. Stay tuned for the results.

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