Memorial Weekend 2017 - Lost River Photos

Memorial weekend the unofficial start of summer and the first weekend where our somewhat sleepy fishing town changes to a tourist beach town. There are also plenty of events going on to keep just about everyone busy; garage sales, the grand opening of LOGE, the lighting of Grays Harbor Lighthouse and the Commercial Fishermans Festival put on by the good folks of WeFish. All of those great events leading up to the Blessing of the Fleet held on Sunday. 

For the second year in a row, a sick kid kept me from getting down to the Commercial Fishermans Festival which also means I am going to have to track down my WeFish t-shirt some other way. It really is a cool event and I'm bummed I missed it. They have arts & crafts, commercial fishing-related games, and competitions, vendors, a beer garden, and food. As a bonus, it's all held on the grounds of the Westport Maritime Museum which is a great place to learn some local history.

With the sun going down I did get a chance to pack up my gear and head over to Grays Harbor Lighthouse which was being lit up at 9 pm. If you've never been out to the lighthouse during a lighting I highly recommend it and they even have the tower open so that you can climb to the top and get a closer look at the lens. If like me you plan on spending some time outside taking photos the one must have piece of gear to bring would be bug spray or you will get eaten alive by mosquitos. I speak from experience here as I forget to do it every single time and then stand around regretting it. On the plus side, I finally got a series of photos that I am happy with and the marine layer of light fog really helped to show the beam from the lighthouse.

Sunday afternoon brings the weekends main event The Blessing of the Fleet. It's a great community event to remember those that have been lost and is capped with the parade of boats lead by the Coast Guards laying of the wreath. After the ceremony, there was a clam chowder feed back at the Maritime Museum with the proceeds to benefit our local Lost Fishermans Fund. It's a great weekend of activities and gives you a great feel what being a part of a fishing community and fishing family is all about. 

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