Mayfield, Idaho - Lost River Photos

 I'm always on the lookout for historic buildings or abandoned places and Mayfield certainly fits the bill. If you weren't looking for it it'd be pretty easy to drive right by without giving it a second thought, as it is located down a dusty country road in Elmore County. Currently, there's an abandoned school, a couple crumbling homes, and a community hall.

In 1883 the Oregon Short Line Railroad was finished in southwest Idaho ending the need for stage service through the desert. This is when the name Mayfield was giving to this growing community. As what tends to happen in rural areas small communities fade away as quickly as they appear. Mayfield's decline began in the 1950s when families began moving away to bigger towns and the city of Boise just 18 miles away. At about this same time the numerous small farms began to sell out and merge into larger ranches. By 1963 only four students remained in the Mayfield school and it was closed. With the declining population and no nearby school, the community hall also fell into disrepair and was abandoned thus ending the community of Mayfield and relegating it to the history of Idaho.

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