Lake Quinault Loop - Lost River Photos

Hey everyone sorry this post is a couple weekends behind but as you can probably see the website has under gone some major changes with our move from Squarespace to SmugMug. I hope you enjoy the new lay out and better quality of the images displayed.

Two weekends ago my family headed out for a little day trip up to Lake Quinault which is a little over a hour drive from our homebase in Westport, WA. It was cool, cloudy and misty in spots which made it quite enjoyable to be out. We started our trip by walking the grounds of the Lake Quinault Lodge as well as the museum located right across the street. Grabbing some drinks from the mercantile we headed out down the road. Along the way we were greet with waterfalls, rain drops, some of the largest blackberries I've ever seen and a really cool old abandoned truck. The drive itself isn't all that long but you will want to allow yourself plenty of time to stop and explore or hit the numerous hiking trails. Sadly with two little ones the trails had to wait for another day for us but we plan to be back as we are now planning a wedding anniversary stay at the lodge. Enjoy the photos and leave a comment or two if you so inclined.

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