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Okay, I will be the first to admit that in the past I have never been a fan of cell phone photography whether it was an iPhone or Android I have always preferred having an actual camera with me. The end result was never up to the quality that I wanted even when I had an iPhone 5 back in the day I wasn't happy. Well after quite a few years I am back in the iPhone game with an 8 Plus and giving this iPhoneography thing another shot. 

The built-in camera app which shoots in jpeg only does have some really nice features like the new portrait mode, pano, color effects and time-lapse. Another bonus feature in my book in the ability to shoot 4k video, although you do need to go into a somewhat hidden menu to change the video settings from 1080p HD to the 4k options.

Now there are those out there that will tell you that in order to get the best results you need to be shooting in RAW so that you have further control over the image when editing, however, this will also require you to download a separate camera app that allows you to make that change from jpeg. There are a number of good ones out like ProCamera $4.99, Camera+ $2.99, and VSCO. The last app I mentioned VSCO is a free download which gets you their camera and editing options but really none of their filter effects. I have to say I love VSCO presets for Lightroom but really don't think they are worth it on the phone but if your looking for something to try it is worth checking out as it may fit your style better.    

So you now probably wondering what I do use. So for me, download number one was Adobe Photoshop Express. It's just a nice solid editor plus it has a very nice red-eye removal feature which has always worked well for me and it is free. The next app I added was Hyperlapse which is also free. Hyperlapse is a video program that takes your video and speeds it up giving you a time-lapse look in just a few minutes instead of hours. As an example below is a Hyperlapse I shoot at the beach in real time it is 3 minutes worth of video that the app has condensed into a 30-second clip. 

The final camera/photo app I added to me is the best and most important one. It's called Filmborn from Mastin Labs which some of you may be familiar with through their Lightroom presets. The app itself does have a small fee of $2.99 but you get some really great features for that price. First off can change the "format" to 4 of the most popular sizes 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, and 6:7. I tend to use the 3:2 the most as it mimics the 35mm format, however, all are good depending on the subject and just for your reference 4:3 = iPhone Camera, 1:1 Square (Instagram) and 6:7 = 120 Medium Format film. You do have flash control, manual focus option, 3 separate "lens" options (32,35,50), a level, wb control simply by sliding your finger left/right across the screen and finally exposure control by sliding up/down. All sounding pretty good right? Well here is my favorite part, The Mastin Lab presets for what are some of my favorite films. Here is the lineup if you are a Kodak fan there are Porta 160,400 and 800 options, Fuji checks in with NPS160, 400H and 800z and if color isn't your thing your not left out as Mastin has included Ilford Pan F, HP5 and Delta 3200. With all these options I can't think of a better photography app available and for the price and features should be one of the first ones you consider.

I look forward to being able to share more of my day to day images and not just from the times I head out with my bag of camera gear. I have to say that so far the experience has been really enjoyable and more experimenting is to come so stay tuned. Below are a couple examples of the video quality which I found to be pretty amazing and much better than anything my GoPro was giving me. I'm looking at picking up a video stabilizer this spring in order to do even more video work.

4K Video Sample of Westport Marina

Westhaven Beach Hyperlapse

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