For the fun of it - Lost River Photos

These days when I go out to take pictures it's usually with a specific idea in mind. I usually have a subject, place or sometimes even a certain camera in mind when shooting but one thing I have learned is you need to be flexible. Things aren't always going to go as planned, the weather may change, your subject might not be there or at least where you want or if you are like me sometimes your just not feeling how things look when you do get there. It pays to have a backup plan which I confess I am not great at.

The other evening I had gone out with the intent of trying to shoot some surfing images backlit by the setting sun. The weather was good and things were looking good until I got to the beach and discovered no one was surfing, in fact, the only group there was leaving as I was walking down to the beach. So now what? I didn't want to head home as it was so nice out but the light was in a word "blah" and I just wasn't feeling it. 

The tide was way out so I decided to walk along the jetty and see what I could find in the tide pools. The more I poked around the more I started to take a few snapshots and while they aren't anything great it reminded me why I started doing photography in the first place and that was to get out, explore and have Fun. It's easy to lose track of that fun part sometimes and I needed a night like this to just refocus and push ahead. I'd love to hear why you got into photography leave me a comment below. 

Surfers leaving Westhaven Beach

Jetty Tide Pools

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