Anniversary Trip Part 3 - The Trails - Lost River Photos

During our trip, we were determined to hit a few of the trails around Lake Quinault. Now the nice thing is there are trails to match all skill levels and go from short walks to multi-day backcountry adventures. Now I'm not in the best shape so we settled on two of the shorter hikes that also offered a good variety of photographic opportunities.

Rooselvelt Elk seen off North Shore Rd.

The Maple Glade Trail is a short loop that leads you into large broad leaf maples covered with rain forest moss. The trailhead is located on the North Shore road about 6 miles off of Highway 101. From the ranger station, the trail is clearly marked and well maintained. Since this is a rain forest you'll want to come prepared for wet weather; upwards of 12 feet of rain per year fall here. We lucked out and actually had a sunny, warm and dry day for our trail walk. 

The other trail we choose to walk is the Kestner Homestead trail which begins at the same ranger station as the Maple Glade trail. This is also a loop trail which is 1.3 miles long from start to finish. The trail takes you to the homestead of Anton Kestner which he claimed in 1889 under the Homestead Act. Eventually, it became the home to the Kestner and Higley families. You can walk through the grounds and inspect the farm house, barn, and outbuildings. There is also an old moving truck that's rotting away out back as well.

Photographically speaking I had both my digital Canon T3i and also my Canon EOS 3 with which I shot a roll of Porta 400 and Cinestill 50D. The film images are shown below. 

Canon EOS 3 with Kodak Portra 400

Canon EOS 3 with Cinestill 50D

Canon EOS 3 with Cinestill 50D

Canon EOS 3 with Cinestill 50D

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