Anniversary Trip Part 2 - The Lodge - Lost River Photos

Late last summer my wife packed up the kids and I my cameras and we headed north to Lake Quinault for a little day trip. While only an hour north it feels like a world away from our coastal home and it was also our first introduction to the Lake Quinault Lodge. Now we didn't spend the night or even have lunch there that day, we simply wandered the grounds and enjoyed the views. Jumping back into the car we both had the same idea, the next time we come back we are staying at the lodge. Fast forward a little less than a year and we made it back to the lodge for not one night but two. 

We booked one of the fireplace rooms with a king sized bed. The room also came with its own patio and chairs to enjoy the view of the lake. There is a small heated pool and sauna as well as a game room if being outside and hiking aren't your thing. Only a few of the rooms have T.V's and wifi really only works in the main lodge. Your cell phone may or may not have coverage. In other words, this is the perfect place to unplug and unwind. There is no room service but the Roosevelt room serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The other dining options in the area are very limited.

The view of Lake Quinault from our patio.

Let me tell you a little history of the lodge. The first hotel on the site was built in 1903 for the Olson family. The Olson's ran the lodge until 1921 when they sold their interest to the Seaman family however their ownership was short lived as the lodge burned to the ground in August of 1924.

A replacement lodge was founded by lumberman Ralph Emerson who had bought out the Seamans. Work began on June 9th, 1926 and was completed just a mere 53 days later on August 18, 1926. Since then there have been renovations and expansions as you'd expect but in 1998 the lodge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

As with most historic buildings, there are always stories of hauntings and the Lake Quinault Lodge is no different. Going back to when the original building burned down in 1924 when the cleaning lady was stuck in the attic and perished in the fire. After the lodge was rebuilt the attic space was turned into a small conference room and stories of activity have been attributed to her ever since. Some people claim to "feel" her presence in the room and in other areas of the lodge glasses have been thrown off counters and silverware being placed in strange locations. I have to say that while I do personally believe in paranormal happenings we didn't experience anything out of the ordinary while we were there.  

The most notable bit of history that occurred at the Lake Quinault Lodge happened in September 1937 when President Franklin Roosevelt while touring the Pacific Northwest stopped to have lunch at the lunch. The stop was only a little over an hour and the views that day were pretty typical to October which is to say it was dreary and gray. However, it is rumored that FDR greatly enjoyed the stay and views and is said to have made up his mind to create Olympic National Park while sitting at the Lodge with then Washington State Governor, Clarence Martin.

Lake Quinault, WA Sunset

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