Anniversary Trip Part 1 - Westport to Forks - Lost River Photos

The first day of our Anniversary getaway began with a short road trip, 130 miles to be exact. While we had been hoping for the sun we woke up to clouds per usual here on the coast. With a quick pit stop for coffee, we hit the road. Passing through the towns of Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Amanda Park and Queets we made it to our first stop of the day; Ruby Beach. If you have ever looked at photos of Washington or the Pacific Northwest you have no doubt seen plenty of images of Ruby Beach. It's an amazing place however the weather was less than amazing during our time there. We managed to get there as the tide was on it's way out but not enough so that we were able to find any tide pools which I'll be honest kind of bummed me out. The hike down to the beach is not bad although somewhat steep in certain sections, once on the beach, however, climbing over the large driftwood logs can be somewhat daunting and takes some extra caution when packing photo gear. 

Destruction Island Lighthouse

Just up the road from Ruby Beach is the town of Forks, WA and our destination for lunch. The town of Forks was founded in 1945 and is a pretty small place with a population of only around 3,800. It was named after the forks of several nearby rivers; the Quillayute, Bogachiel, Calawah and the Sol Duc. As with most town on the Olympic Peninsula, the timber industry is was fueled the economy however with that on the decline the town has turned to tourism. Most people know the town of Forks today as it was made famous in the series of Twilight books/movies. While I'm not a fan my wife is and the town does have a number of sights to see that are movie related. If visiting town the first place you should go is the Visitor Information Center they have plenty of maps of the area and can point you to just about anything you want to see or do. We ate at Sully's Burgers which while not fancy was damn good. After lunch, we headed over to a local gift shop called Native to Twilight which had a pretty good selection of things not just Twilight gifts and I got a free hat so you can't beat that. 

After looking around town we started to head back south towards our final stop of the day and then eventually to our lodge at Lake Quinault. We had intended on stopping at the Hoh Rain Forest and hiking the Hall of Mosses trail. It's a very pretty drive back into the visitor's center where the trail is located. About half way back the rains came and by the time we made it to the trailhead it was full on raining. Since it was already getting late in the day and neither of us was really wanting to get wet we decided to just enjoy the scenery from the car and head for the warmth of the lodge.

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