A Rare Snow Day - Lost River Photos

So yesterday was quite the day here in Westport as something occurred that according to a lot of the old timers out here very rarely happens it Snowed. Most of the week the weathermen had been hyping up the fact that it was going to snow in Seattle which it did but out here on the coast the chance of snow was slim to none. Westport is surrounded by ocean water on three sides which generally keeps the temps pretty mild around here so that whatever precipitation we get falls in the way of rain. That's what made yesterday such a nice surprise at least to me anyway.

Now normally at two in the afternoon I am off somewhere working but as it turns out my last client of the day was a no show which meant I was home when I noticed some big fluffy flake starting to fall outside our window. I quickly began picturing certain images in my head as I was rounding up my gear bag and tripod. By the time I got out the door the snow had picked up quite a bit as well as the wind. For the first time in a long while, I was reminded of the snow days I grew up with back in Iowa. With most folks still at work, the streets were empty which let me get to the locations I wanted pretty quick as well as set up the camera without having to work around people. The wind was my biggest enemy during the storm and actually kept from going to a couple locations as I didn't want to be blown off balance and wind up in the water. 

Overall I was able to get most of the shots I wanted while I had to just continue to imagine some of the others, maybe next snow storm. It really was a sight to see and all in all I'm happy with the images I did get plus I didn't freeze any fingers, drop any gear or damage the truck in any way next time I'll be even more prepared as I plan on purchasing a weatherproof shooting bag for my SLR which is honestly something I should have any way considering the amount of rain that we get here in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy the photos, share this post with friends, leave me a comment and most importantly enjoy your Christmas.

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